Holidays & Cancellations:

Class times may vary on or around major holidays, and will be reflected on our Member Schedule and on Facebook.

If RRCF needs to cancel a class due to inclement weather or illness, this will be posted on our Member Schedule at least 1 Hour prior to the scheduled WOD start time. Anyone who has already enrolled in a cancelled WOD will be notified via email.

Scroll to the bottom for our online schedule!

CrossFit: Class times above are CrossFit unless noted.  Suitable for all fitness levels after completion of Foundations Course.

Foundations Course: Develop a strong foundation before integrating into regular classes. Sign up here!

**Open Gym: We will perform our daily WOD during these sessions, but members can come in during these times for extra practice, as long as it doesn't interfere with the scheduled WOD. Please check with the Coach before class begins. Open Gym is available only with Unlimited Membership plans.

Visitors:  If you are an experienced CrossFitter and would like to drop in, please fill out our Visitor Form. If you are new to CrossFit and would like to meet with one of our Team Members to find out more, please contact us.


Scheduled classes are carried out in a small group atmosphere so you can experience the value and power of working out in a supportive community


Meet with one of our team members for a tour of the gym!