CrossFit has improved my speed, strength and mental toughness.


"I wish I would have started sooner. I think I had checked out the website about a year before and just wasn't sure if I would like working out with other people. If I would have known how awesome the Rogue River CrossFit people were I wouldn't have hesitated! It's just so amazing that EVERYONE there is supportive and encouraging of each other, both in the gym and out. And to be surrounded by so many other strong ladies is amazing! I'm not even sure I can properly express how much this has changed me. Before RRCF I didn't know a single woman who lifted weights. To be at a place where strength in women is celebrated and encouraged is priceless. I no longer feel self conscious about the things I can do, holding myself back. I feel like I've been set free to push myself harder/farther to see what I can accomplish. I hope that my daughter and all the young girls at the gym learn a lot sooner than I did that strength is ok and to be proud of it!"

Jen, member since May 2016

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